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Voice Phone
(225) 346-4702

Fax Line
(225) 379-3266

Physical Address
330 S Alexander Ave
Port Allen, Louisiana 70767

Mailing Address:
City Court of Port Allen
P.O. Box 93
Port Allen, LA. 70767

Frequently Asked Questions: 

I wish to plead Not Guilty, how do I do that and what will happen in court?
You may plead Not Guilty by appearing in court on the date indicated on your citation. After your plead Not Guilty, the case will be scheduled for a Trial Date. You MUST appear at the next scheduled date, or a Bench Warrant will be ordered. At the Trial date, if you change your plea, or are found Guilty, and the officer the court subpoenaed is off duty, you will be charged an additional $50.00 witness fee.

I wish to plead Guilty, but need more time to pay my ticket?
You may plead Guilty by appearing in court on the date indicated on your citation. After you plead Guilty, you can tell the Judge that you need more time to pay your ticket and he will give you an extension with a new court date to pay it by.

What will happen if I miss my Court Date?
If you miss your court date, a Bench Warrant will be ordered. You can pay $50.00 to recall the Bench Warrant, and a new court date will be issued. If the Bench Warrant does not get recalled, or the ticket paid, the court will suspended your Driver’s License.

Can the Clerk of Court personnel help me with answers to legal questions?
Any legal questions that you wish answered prior to your appearance in court should be addressed to you attorney. Court and Clerk’s office personnel are prohibited by law and the order of the court from giving legal advice.